Content Management Systems
Content Management.

With every new website we build here at Wee Beastie Web Design, full content management access is provided. Content management simply allows you to update the content on your website with our foolproof, real-time editing tool via your own web browser. Once your new website is live, just login with your email address/password. You can then update the pages when you like, check the number of visitors looking and your web pages each day, make a new post on your blog page, create an email marketing campaign and view reports/analytics with our powerful reporting tools built into every website we produce.

Our content management system has everything in the one place, no more wasting time remembering multiple logins and numerous passwords, just one simple login page and then you are presented with our central interface for controlling every aspect of your online business.

Content Management

Blogs, Forums and More
Would you like your own personal blog on your website, allowing you to post as often as you like? How about a forum on your website whereby you have control over the posts submitted, empowering customers to provide their own ideas and discussions? Have the ability to create specific areas on your website for advertising and control when these adverts appear on a certain day/week/month? These are just some of the built-in modules available on our content management system that can provide added value and functionality to your new website, all controlled from one central interface when you login.

CRM Database - Not as Technical as it Sounds!
CRM DatabaseHearing the words CRM Database sounds very technical, however, it's really very simple indeed! CRM stands for 'Customer Relationship Management' and all this means is that your customer's details (name, email address, telephone number etc.) are stored in a user friendly database within the content management area of your website.

This can be really useful if you wish to look up the details of a particular customer at any time, essential for sending out professional email marketing campaigns to specific lists of customers on your website and also for newsletter sign-up forms too. You can even set your website to remind you of a customer's birthday or anniversary when it comes round! The CRM database is a very powerful tool for controlling every aspect of the customer interacting with your website and is easily controlled from the central content management interface when you login.

Powerful Reporting and Analytics
Included with every new website we build here at Wee Beastie is our Reporting and Analytics. This provides you with a powerful reporting suite for every aspect of your online business – from web page views through to online store orders, we record every interaction customers have with your website and give you the tools to track them – no extra tracking code or third party software required.

Powerful Reporting and Analytics When you login to the content management area of your website, you will be presented with a quick overview page know as the 'Dashboard' section. This will show traffic going through your website on that given day/week, displayed via an intuitive graph. Visitor numbers, online sales, new subscribers etc. will also be displayed in the 'Dashboard' section. A live feed of customers interacting with your website will be shown on the overview page too, so powerful that it will actually display the customers full name and what action they performed on your website, for example, submitting a contact form, subscribing to a newsletter or logging into a secure area of your website.

If you require any further information on our content management system then please give us a call or drop us an email today.

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