Targeted Email Marketing
Email Marketing.

Having the facility to send personalised, professional looking email campaigns to your customers is very easy with just a few clicks here at Wee Beastie Web Design. If you decide to choose the email marketing function with your new website, this will be located within the content management area of your site - just one simple login and you will be presented with everything you need to get started. Click the 'Email Marketing' tab and you can easily create targeted email customer lists, for example, one list could be dedicated to existing customers, another list could be created for potential new customers.

Select the day & time for your email campaign to be delivered to your customers, input your text/images into the pre-built template and then click send, it couldn't be simpler and faster than any first class stamp!

Fast Email Marketing!
More Than Just an Email Campaign
We all love reports, data and feedback on how many of our customers viewed the latest email campaign. Once your email campaign has been delivered to all your customers, our system tracks the actions your customers take after they click through to your site. View open rates and click-through rates on the live feed section, so you can effectively measure the real effectiveness of your email campaigns. More extensive report data can be viewed within the 'Reports' section of your content management area.

Importing Customer Lists from Spreadsheets
Microsoft Excel FilesDo you have a list of customers on a spreadsheet or .csv file? This is a question we get asked a lot here at Wee Beastie. Our import function allows you to import customer lists including names and email addresses, making life so much easier in terms of transferring over your customer data into our email marketing system. We can also provide guidelines in how to create your own customer data spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel so they can be imported into the email marketing system at a later date.

If you require any further information on our email marketing system then please give us a call or drop us an email today.

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